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augmented reality

Evidence-Based Therapy and Immersive Gaming

With roots in real-world adventure-based therapy, Mud Club launched in early 2020. MUD, an old gaming term for Multi-User Dimension, is a fun way to connect therapy and adventure with the technologies kids love. Our sessions embrace, share and celebrate neurodiversity.


Mud Club offers a space for autistic youth to learn with and from each other, where collaboration and community empower the autistic voice. In every program and therapist interaction, Mud Club strives to deliver principled therapy in line with these four principles:

  • Promotion of Self-Advocacy

  • Building True Community

  • Iterative Self Improvement 

  • Interest-Based Engagement

Janie Pearson, Founder and OTR

A registered occupational therapist with over 16 years of experience, Janie is passionate about building inclusive communities where every child feels empowered to live their best lives and engage in meaningful participation. Her dedication to improving the self-confidence and success of children is evident in her strengths-based approach. In session, Janie looks to provide just-right challenges, share meaningful tools and strategies, and promote positive habits.

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