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Quest VR Ages 13 - 18

Level Up Using VR For Optimal Physical and Mental Health

Virtual Reality is a place for learning, physical activity, and community building. This teen group explores together while developing Game Plans, including regular redemptions of apps and VR equipment to build a library unique to their needs. The occupational therapist assists members in stacking strategies to encourage self-regulation, physical activity, mindfulness, social engagement, and more.

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  • Membership is $100 per week

  • Membership can be cancelled anytime

Optional Onboarding Package

  • Additional $150 per week for four weeks - Includes Oculus headset, one-on-one support, new user tutorials


  • Two 1-hour therapy sessions per week

  • All required software

  • VR Redemption Program

  • Programming: Autism Level Up!, Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise, How to ADHD


  • Oculus Quest VR

  • A computer or tablet

  • Stable internet connection

  • Headphones recommended

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VR Redemption Program

The VR Redemption Program engages members in the journey of building a custom VR toolbox. Members choose apps and VR gear to complement their goals, helping VR to be a tool for mindfulness, exercise, socializing, or all of the above. Apps and VR gear are redeemed regularly, motivating members to level up in their VR journey.

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