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Online Occupational Therapy for Kids With Autism

Our Minecraft hosted, strengths-based therapy brings kids together through creative play. Mud Club is a space that empowers the autistic voice through collaboration and community. A game changer for your therapy approach!

Award-Winning Curriculum 

 Engaging programs are the building blocks of our therapy! Interactive activities and videos help members practice and develop skills in fun and meaningful ways.

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Therapy Dashboards

A place for parents and members to check progress and track therapy goals. Four skill areas are used to measure and display engagement in Mud Club. Engagement is tied to the club rewards program, where Skill Coins encourage goal achievement.

Teamwork Skills

Building confidence in social skills and communication

Executive Functioning

Practicing mental control and self-regulation skills

Digital Literacy

Empowering critical thinking and etiquette in online spaces

Social Emotional Learning

Developing self-awareness and skills for self-control


Skill Coins and Rewards

Earning and redeeming Skill Coins for rewards is a motivating way to integrate therapy tools and enhance the therapy process. Rewards of all kinds allow kids to choose what is meaningful and therapeutic to them. 

View the Reward Catalog here.

"I love our club so much" ~Club Member